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It’s what we do right now that make a difference. Let’s inspire, support and bring community together for good…. We’re the strongest when we raise each other up.​

Janell’s Story ​

Sometimes maturity and responsibility comes a little early for some of us. ​

Becoming a mother at a very young age certainly has it challenges which I often feel like giving up. But thanks to my mother, no matter what the circumstances is, she never gave up on us. She made sacrifices and strives to make our life better everyday. ​

My mother inspires me to find my purpose and I want to do the same for my daughter, Caitlyn.​

We are all unique, our body lines & curves come together to form a masterpiece with beautiful lingerie. I believe everything is possible because I know what I want for myself and my daughter.​

It’s a privilege to work along side with other women in learning and pursuing my dream to be a successful entrepreneur.​

Thank you MUNIQUE NewYork for giving me the opportunity to be a brand Ambassador in my country Belize, to inspires young mother like me to be confident and be strong for their children.

Janira’s Story ​

I’m a student. I’m a worker. I’m a single mom. and an active member of MUNIQUE NewYork, a lingerie brand aim to support women in Belize. ​

Yes, it’s tiring, it’s worrisome but there’s no doubt women can do it all. ​

Being a mom at a young age, I find it very challenging but rewarding, especially when my little son looks at me with reassurance that everything will be OK. It is an amazing feeling that gives me a sense of determination to strive every day so I can give my son the best life I wish I had.​

A year from now, I’m going to be a Teacher, a profession that I’m so passionate about, to teach children like my son and continue to inspire young moms like myself to pursue their dreams.​

Thanks to my mother for empowering us and supporting my education. My promise, I will use my voice to do the same to help others to build a better place for our children.​

Sharrine’s Story ​

Some of us choose to be a single mom and some of us had to accept the reality that we will inevitably do so. There were times when we doubt our ability to do the tasks of being a mom and often say “how will I do this’? Regardless the situation, our past doesn’t define who we are!​

As many of us have smiles behind struggles, one thing we all agree is, standing for what we believe in, even if we are alone and our desire to keep going, even if life gets hard the most important factor is living our dream. ​

It’s a journey, and every one of us has a unique journey and purpose. ​

My name is Sharrine and I have a 5 years old daughter named Ciana. She is the greatest thing that has happened to me, as cliché as it sounds, my daughter changed my life for the better.​

While taking care of my daughter , I’m pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. As Ciana always tells me ‘Mom, I want to be a teacher like you” which is the most inspiring words to hear. I’m motivated and paving my way to be a teacher one day. ​

Education empower women. I want to use my voice to support a purpose for my daughter and for my community, the same way as MUNIQUE NewYork is doing for my country, Belize.​

MUNIQUE NewYork, a brand with purpose, aimed to provide entrepreneurship and education to many mothers like myself.​

Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another.​

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    And get the latest updates on products and promotion by Munique NewYork!