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​Un-dig your comfort​

From a very early age, every girl is subjected to a medieval torture device more commonly known as a BRA, but Munique NewYork is here to change the narrative. Munique NewYork believes in empowering women from within by creating a positive and nurturing environment, helping them to become part of a movement. A movement to provide comfort and functionality to our most beloved assets. Munique NewYork is a breath of fresh air your body deserves, so let it breathe.​

Are you willing to change how the world perceives you? Well, we say start from your underwear.​

Shireen’s Story​

​… Growing up, Women have always been told that there’s a specific path they must take. But, being a rebel, I grew up believing that there is absolutely nothing a woman can’t do. I thought that an individual had more to them than a defining title. Saying goodbye to society’s desire for me to assimilate into a category. I found the courage to pursue my dreams, studied Art and Design, and completed my diploma. I found the true calling when I noticed a gap in the market regarding women’s lingerie. Having to go through the arduous task of sifting through a sea of lingerie that either had too much of a “grandma feel” or was simply too uncomfortable for me. I knew that other women are going through the same issues. It was never just about creating a brand that sells merely comfortable lingerie but also creating a real change and acquiring a sense of freedom for those who could not voice themselves.​

I’m so grateful to work with the women that support women in NewYork. ​

Thank you MUNIQUE NewYork for letting me part of your movement.

Aaniat’s Story​

I grew up fighting the patriarchal and repressive norms of society. I believe in the independence and freedom women rightly deserve in all aspects of life. While growing up, I saw women around me who weren’t allowed to make their own choices. From subject choice to choosing their career, every decision in their lives were influenced by someone else.​

I was strong-willed and focused on fulfilling my aspirations. At school, I opted to study subjects that sparked my interest. I completed my high school and am currently studying Psychology and English Literature. ​

At a very young age, I realized how important to have the freedom to care for myself and others. I love to indulge myself like wearing clothes of my choice but one thing I always struggled to find was pretty comfortable lingerie.​

This motivated me to work and collaborate with lingerie brand in NewYork.​

MUNIQUE NewYork aims to build movement empowering women. My goal is to ensure body positivity shine through to feel our best and most authentic version of ourselves by offering comfortable bra and panty design & made for everyone.

Sheherbano’s Story​

There was a young girl who continuously judged her reflection in the mirror. The mean kids at school called her names as she was bigger than other girls of her age. Her breast were already blooming while others were not . She had heard enough of noxious phrases like “Don’t wear fitted clothes! Oversize shirts fit you best!” Wear right size bra and so on!​

Her weight was always the topic of discussion at family gatherings, unsolicited opinions being thrown at her from everywhere. She was only 11, and the relentless mockery left her with zero confidence.​

That girl was me… Shehebano.​

I grew up feeling ashamed of my body, thanks to my family and friends. I became a people-pleaser, always trying to look BEST for others. I was unhappy for a while until I connected with my friends in NewYork. ​

I was inspired by wonderful women and finally learned to love myself. I want to inspire others too, especially women in Pakistan. ​

Be the voice and ambassador for “MUNIQUE NewYork” , a lingerie brand from which I found beautiful and comfortable. Wearing it is an enticing experience, it fit me best and lift my confidence. ​

Thank you MUNIQUE NewYork for letting me be part the team and be surrounded with inspiring and motivational women around the world.​

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And get the latest updates on products and promotion by Munique NewYork!

    And get the latest updates on products and promotion by Munique NewYork!